Just Girly Things: 15 Girl Products Guys Don’t Know At All

If you’re a girl, you’d have no problem naming the products included in this list. Perhaps, you might even own most, if not all, of the items listed below! Besides, they’re girl’s must-haves, aka products that make a girl’s life a lot more convenient.

But if you’re a guy, there’s a big chance that you don’t even know any of these girly products on this list even though your girlfriend uses them. So, if you’d like to quiz yourself on multiple girl products, here are 15 girl products guys don’t know at all. Brace yourself, though, because you might be saying many “huh’s” and “what’s” throughout this article! Now, let’s see girl products that confuse guys.

15 Weird Girl Products Guys Don’t Know What They Are: Let’s See How Many You Can Name It.

1. Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender

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The first product on this list is that squishy, egg-shaped thing. If you’ve ever seen this item on your girlfriend’s dressing table, do know that it’s a handy makeup tool! To be precise, it’s used for flawlessly blending foundation and other makeup products onto the face. By using a beauty blender, the foundation doesn’t look streaky or “cakey,” as your girlfriend might say.

2. Eyelash Curler

Eyelash Curler

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This is an easy girl product that you should already be familiar with. Besides, its product name is pretty self-explanatory. But of course, its weird structure might still have you wondering what it is at first glance. As you expected, this weird-looking girl product is made for curling eyelashes.

To further elaborate, eyelash curlers are used on eyelashes before mascara is applied. Why use them? Eyelash curlers are used to help lashes look lengthier. And no, they don’t hurt upon using them if you know how to use them properly.

3. Facial Rollers

Facial Rollers

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So, what is this fancy metal thing with two marbled stones attached at the end? Well, it’s called a facial roller, and it’s used for gently massaging the face. Although jade facial rollers seem to be the most popular facial roller, there are different types of facial rollers!

More importantly, facial rollers provide a ton of benefits to their users. These include reducing face puffiness, improving blood circulation, and enhancing a skin’s overall look. And for a better cooling and soothing effect, facial rollers are stored in the refrigerator before use.

4. Pumice Stone

Pumice Stone

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Another stone-looking thing? That question is what you’re supposedly thinking right now. But this time, this gray stone is not for the face. This is a pumice stone, and it’s used for gently removing dead skin cells found at the heel of the foot.

Aside from that, pumice stones are also used to get rid of dry skin located on the hands and elbows. If you’re familiar with this item, you’ve probably seen your girlfriend use it during her manicures or pedicures.

5. Nail Separator

Nail Separator

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Curious to know what this comb-like product is for? Well, as the product name suggests, girls use this to separate their toes as they apply nail polish on their toenails. The nail separator also helps keep the toes separated while the polish dries, ensuring a sticky mess doesn’t ensue.

6. Face Brush

Face Brush

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Here’s another girly product that might puzzle you. Anyway, you’ve likely seen your girlfriend wash her face with this strange item. And surely, you must have wondered why your girlfriend can’t just use her hands? Well, for your information, a face brush helps you clean your face better!

Another version of this face brush is one that’s made with silicone that comes in cute colors and designs. But most of the time, girls opt for battery-powered face brushes instead since they’re more efficient for facial cleansing and exfoliating.

7. Brush Cleaning Mat

Brush Cleaning Mat

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This item might look similar to those silicone face brushes to you. But no, this is not used on the face or any other body part. It’s a brush cleaning mat or pad, and it’s used for thoroughly cleaning makeup brushes.

First, makeup brushes are wet with water before a pump of cleanser is added to them. Once the brushes are soaked with soap, they are gently scrubbed onto the cleaning mat. The mat aids in removing buildup from the brushes, ensuring that every bit of residue is removed from them.

If you’re curious to see how this product works, here’s a video that showcases how to use a makeup brush cleaning map properly!

8. Heel Guards

Heel Guards

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This item is not that strange compared to the other products on this list. Nevertheless, others might still be unaware of this product’s purpose. These heel guards are a girl’s best friend, especially when they have to wear stylish but uncomfortable high heels.

Besides, heel guards are made with either soft gel or polyfoam. Both materials are wonderful in alleviating pressure on the foot. Aside from that, heel guards also do a fantastic job preventing a foot from blistering or scraping.

9. Cuticle Sticks

Cuticle Sticks

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If you’ve seen the disposable wooden version, it wouldn’t be surprising if you thought they were large toothpicks. But if you haven’t seen those, your girlfriend might own the metal kind. No matter what type your girl owns, this product is called a cuticle stick.

Cuticle sticks are for pushing back cuticles or any present dead skin on the nails. Like the nail separator and the pumice stone, you might also see your darling use this during her manicure or pedicure sessions.

10. LED Light Therapy Mask

LED Light Therapy Mask

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This LED light therapy mask is another fantastic contender for girl objects guys don’t know. After all, this might be one of the most obscure girly products on this list. If you don’t know how this product works, you’d simply think of it as a face shield that lights up in several colors.

So, what is it for? To answer your question, it’s a LED light therapy mask! Moreover, its different LED light color settings are made for different purposes. But to put it in a nutshell, LED light therapy masks are created to help treat various skin issues.

11. Eyelash Applicator

Eyelash Applicator

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Here’s another girl product that men must be unfamiliar with. Although this product kind of looks like and functions like tweezers, it’s actually an eyelash applicator. And rather than having a thin end found in hair-removing tweezers, eyelash applicators have extended curve-shaped ends. This tool greatly assists in putting false eyelashes into place.

12. Eyebrow Stamp

Eyebrow Stamp

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Even though you’re not a makeup expert, you’ve undoubtedly heard your girlfriend complain about how hard it is to get their eyebrows done. With that said, eyebrow stamp kits are probably a massive game-changer for them. In just a few minutes, they can have perfectly arched eyebrows that are “on fleek.”

And this is all thanks to a set of stencils, an eyebrow powder stamp, and an eyebrow brush for doing some finishing touches. They’re very easy to use, and most eyebrow stamp kits even include several stencil shapes for more varied choices.

13. Nail Vinyl Sticker Stencils

Nail Vinyl Sticker Stencils

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Do you have absolutely no idea why your girlfriend has tons of stickers in her nail care kit? Nope, the ones you saw are not made for scrapbooking purposes. But they are sort of related to artsy stuff, so you’re not entirely wrong with your guess.

After all, these stickers are referred to as nail vinyl sticker stencils and are used for making lovely nail art. Nail vinyl sticker stencils come in a wide variety of patterns and designs, and they aid in glamorizing one’s nails. And yes, using these takes a lot of effort, but the outcome is really worth it.

14. Pasties


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Yes, here’s another set of stickers for you to guess. Give up on assuming what they’re made for? They’re called pasties or nipple covers and are considered must-haves by many girls.

After all, they’re an excellent alternative to strapless or backless bras, making them perfect to wear for your girlfriend’s sexy outfits. What makes them so great is that they come in various shades and can be washed and reused over a hundred times!

15. V-Line Sheet Masks

V-Line Sheet Masks

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Regular face masks alone might be enough to confuse you. So, what more with a V-Line sheet mask? Even though wearing them looks stranger compared to a regular sheet mask, V-Line sheet masks are actually easy to use! And unlike what you’re imagining, they’re very comfortable.

Basically, V-line masks are said to reduce one’s double chin by lifting and firming the face line or jawline with constant use. Many V-line sheet masks also provide moisturizing effects, leaving the jawline feeling firmer and supple.


This ends this list of girl products for guys to guess. If you’re a guy and guessed at least half of the items in this list, go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back. Congratulations, you’re ready to step into the girl world! Meanwhile, if you’re unfamiliar with a large chunk of these items don’t stress it.

Besides, it’s not surprising to know that many guys are still puzzled by most girl products. In fact, it’s even quite entertaining to let guys fumble over how a particular girl product is used. However, if you take the time to understand their purpose, you’d find out that using some of these items definitely makes sense.