Is Tails A Boy Or A Girl? Detailed Information Explained

Tails is young and as cute as a button. To add to that, the two-tailed fox has a very distinctive effeminate voice. And as Sonic’s partner in adventure, Tails does enjoy a significant fan following. So, you are bound to wonder: Is Tails a boy or a girl? If this question about the cutesy young thang has long kept you pondering, find the answer here…

If you thought that Tails was a gal-fox, you are not the only one!

The use of female voice-over artists is what created the confusion over Tails’ gender to begin with. And if that wasn’t enough, some of the fox’s idiosyncrasies which are unmistakably feminine, fueled the speculation further. To add to it all, in the Hispanic dubs of the TV Show, Tails is a girl.

So, fandom has long been divided on this point. But, before debunking the myths about Tails’ gender, a bit of background talk is certainly warranted.

Who exactly is Tails?

For the uninitiated, Tails the two-tailed fox is Sonic’s sidekick who sports two tails which he uses much like rotor blades. The extra tail earned the fox its moniker-Tails, and a lot of bullying before he met Sonic.

The fox’s name is actually Miles Prower. The smart play on the words miles per hour came courtesy of the character’s creator- Yamaguchi Yasushi. The young, humble, and helpful Tails is Sonic’s partner in adventure and adoptive brother.

Tails and Sonic

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So, is Tails a “he” or a “she”?

While there is some talk about how a female character was proposed in the conceptualization phase of Sonic 2, that proposition was quickly scrapped when Yamaguchi won an internal competition to create Sonic’s sidekick. The character Tails was always a male, and that’s how he is portrayed in all franchise offerings.

Why do so many feel Tails is a girl?

For starters, a lot of people confuse Tails’ admiration for Sonic as a crush. In reality, the two young foxes are best friends and always have each other’s back.

Also, Tails is a genteel character who tends to turn to Sonic for help over any other character. This, too, led people to feel that there was more than just bromance between the two.

Moreover, Tails often gets miffed when Sonic flirts with a girl. While the irritation is attributed to his need for attention, many fans pin it on jealousy.

Tails and Sonic

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Why, then, the use of a female voiceover artist?

Tails is a young fox, only eight years old, which means that the creators were understandably not too keen on giving him a deep voice. That ruled out male artists. They did try with kids, but that did not work out too well, because of which they finally settled for a woman’s voice.

Actually, that is pretty common in the world of animations. For example, both Jimmy Neutron and Bart Simpson mouth the words of women voiceover artists.

And, Tails is crushing on a girl!

Of course, a girl could crush on another girl, but the character debuted way back in 1992, and it is highly unlikely that Tails’ Japanese creators would, at the time, include a lesbian character in their franchise.

So Tail’s crush on Zoey and eventually her turning into his love interest is definitely a romance between a young male fox and a young female fox.

So, there you have it: Tails is definitely male.

Is Tails A Boy Or A Girl? Now you get the answer. He is a youngster who is immature and gullible, which often lands him in trouble. Since Sonic always rescues Tails, fans associate that with the classic plot of a superhero shaking the world down to rescue his lady love.

But, when it comes to Tails, Sonic is definitely the older brother, not the lover! And Tails is undoubtedly a young male fox.

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